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Deodorants are lifesavers. Not just for the person that wears it, also for the people around. Imagine yourself in a gathering, all sweaty, without a deodorant.

It absolutely wouldn’t be pleasant. We agree that everyone sweats, and it smells – that is the reason you should wear deodorant.

However, there are different types of deodorants. Each one was created to give lasting odor protection, but not all of them are good for the body.

There are natural deodorants, made from natural ingredients bestowed on us by mother earth. And there are other types of deodorants made from artificial ingredients, and they have harsh fragrances.

We all agree that the best things are the ones nature has bestowed on us. Finding a way to harness it for our usefulness is one of the best things that can happen to us. It saves you from potentially harmful artificial substances.

What if we tell you that there are an adventure-seeking and nature-loving small company that has harnessed this nature bestowed ingredients and made natural deodorants.

You might not know how good this is until you find out the benefits of a natural deodorant before you get to know this small company that has come to help you smell better through low-waste natural deodorant. You should find out ten benefits of natural deodorants.

1. It keeps your pores clear

Deodorants made with artificial ingredients will try to close your pores, and this is a bad thing. It would be best if you let your screen breathe by using natural deodorants. By keeping your pores open and letting your skin breathe, you keep the wonderful smell on you for an extended period.

Study shows that the sweat that comes of the body is not the cause of body odor. Body odor occurs when this sweat comes in contact with natural bacteria that is found on your skin. Regular deodorants work to close your pores to stop you from releasing sweat, so it will not mix with the skin bacteria. However, this isn't nice.

Natural deodorants, on the other hand, treats the bacteria, instead of blocking your pores from releasing sweat. This way, your body odor will be gone entirely without stopping your skin from breathing.

2. Helps to moisturize your skin

In natural deodorants, you will plant-based moisturizers that help to treat your armpit skin right. The skin in your armpit is quite soft and delicate.

If you use deodorants that are harsh on your skin, it irritates. However, some of the ingredients you will only find in natural deodorants such as shea butter, and olive oil – are great moisturizers that will help prevent irritation.

3. It saves animal lives

Animals are used for testing a considerable number of products around the world. Animal testing is still present in the world of deodorant manufacturing. Although it is becoming less prevalent, it is still present.

Natural deodorants do not need any form of animal testing. Therefore, using natural deodorants means you are saving animal lives that could have been used to test the usual type of deodorants. In your small way, you are helping the universe preserve life, and this goes a long way.

4. It eliminates the use of toxic ingredients

You will find quite a substantial amount of toxic ingredients in regular deodorants. These harmful ingredients are nasty to the body and should be avoided as they can cause long term damage to the body.

One of such toxic ingredient found in regular deodorants is silica. Silica is known to absorb the moisture from sweat. However, studies also show that it not only irritates the skin; it also irritates the lungs. It is also said to be the probable cause of a specific type of cancers.

Not only silica, but you will also find parabens like propyl, methyl, and butyl in regular deodorants. These toxic substances have been exposed by several studies to be the probable cause of premature aging, cancer, and reproductive issues.

Natural deodorants only have three significant ingredients. The baking soda, which neutralizes odor and absorbs moisture without causing pore blockage. Coconut oil, which helps to prevent skin irritation. And the essential oils that come in several lovely scents that will leave you smelling great.

5. It prevents painful bumps

Regular deodorants block the pores from breathing as they should, thereby preventing the sweat glands from doing its job of producing sweat; this will cause bacteria to build-up in the underarm alongside other products, thereby creating bumps and blemishes in some cases.

These bumps cause pain for you, especially when you are shaving your underarm. Because the surface of the skin is uneven, you can get shaving rash.

Natural deodorants do not work that way. Because natural deodorants allow your skin to breathe, it prevents bumps and makes your armpit attractive as well.

6. It promotes detox

When switching from regular deodorants to natural deodorants, you will have to detox. This detox is essential as it helps you wash away all the toxic substances that might have been stored in your armpit. This detox process will benefit your underarms hugely, and you could make use of essential oils to help you smell nice during the detox period.

7. It allows you to find out what’s best for your skin without endangering it

Because regular deodorants have a lot of toxins in them, it is dangerous to try different varieties if you don’t quickly find one that suits you. However, because natural deodorants contain natural ingredients, it is safe to try several types until you find one that suits you.

8. You are helping the planet

At a time when the world is preaching the “going green” gospel – if you keep using canned deodorants (which is the packaging for most regular deodorants), you are not helping the planet. Also, the regular deodorants mostly come with mineral oils, which means they emit carbon and pollute the environment.

Regular deodorant cans cannot be recycled, which means environmental pollution. Natural deodorants come plastic-free, which means our environment is safe from pollution.

9. You completely avoid aluminum

Aluminum is dangerous for the body. Study shows that it raises the risk of having Alzheimer’s up to 60 percent. Aluminum can be found in some regular deodorants, and this is dangerous for you. Some come in more quantities than others, but it is better to avoid it altogether. Natural deodorants come aluminum-free, so you have nothing to worry about when using them.

10. You do not have to worry about yellow stains

Let’s be honest. Yellow stains are vibe killers, and they can be quite frustrating, especially when you have a beautiful night already planned. The reason for these yellow stains is the aluminum in these regular deodorants. Continuous usage will cause your fabric to be yellow.

With natural deodorants, you do not risk having these yellow stains that will kill your vibe, and spoil your clothes.

No matter the amount of natural deodorant you apply, you can be assured of zero yellow stains. To add to that, you can easily wash away excess natural deodorants from your armpit.

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