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Image by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen
Body Stretching

Each ingredient has been carefully selected for premium quality and benefits. 

Ingredients & benefits

Avocado butter:  Rich in Vitamin A, D, and E, and Lecithin 


Coconut Oil:  Full of antioxidants; antibacterial properties

Cornstarch:  Absorbs moisture and helps to soothe irritated skin

Arrowroot:  Moisture absorbing and rich with vitamins & antioxidants


Glacial bay marine clay: Detoxifying and absorbs moisture

Zinc oxide: Moisture absorbing antiseptic that soothes skin


Rice bran wax: natural vegetable wax & binding agent

Eucalyptus essential oil:  Anti-inflammatory & antibacterial

Mint  essential oil: Antiseptic & antibacterial; soothes irritation

No synthetics or fragrances.  Just simple, natural, and effective odour protection. 

(Shouldn’t your deodorant be made of nature’s best?)

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